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2015 - Marvelous May Beauteque Bag Unbagging!


2015 - Marvelous May Beauteque Bag

This month's May bag arrived while I was in Japan so this review is slightly delayed as I've tried to get over the jetlag -.-"

The theme this month was 'Marvelous May', with the tag line 'Caution! You MAY fall in love with every must have in this bag!' And in my opinion was a marked improvement on Aprils.

Beauteque is pretty new to the subscription scene and is based in the US, but unlike Memebox they ship internationally which means us folk in the UK can subscribe!

You can subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months or just get a one off bag to try things out.
The BB bag as it's known contains at least 7 full sized products, with a mix of beauty, skin care and lifestyle!

One of the USP's of the Beauteque Bag is that you can choose the scent/types of a couple of the items every week. They send an email about a month in advance where you can choose from a selection.

Currently they're running a promotion where you can get 10% off a bb bag beauty subscription with the code 'MD10'

So lets find out what was in this month's bag

May BB Bag
Cost: £22 including shipping
Products: 7 items
Beauteque Value: £48.42
Website: https://beautequemonthly.cratejoy.com/bbbag
Coupon: MD10 (10% off valid until May 25th)

Every Beauteque bag comes with a card that details how to use each item and the Beauteque value. I find this incredibly useful as I'm not fluent in Korean :P
I've included links to where you can find the products if they were cheaper. But these don't include p&p.

May Island Donkey Milk Skin Mask Pack in Mela-Tox and Wrinkle Filler
Beauteque Value: £2.07 each.
Rose Rose Shop (pack of ten): £5.65 Rose Rose Shop

All the Beauteque bags come with sheet masks, and I loved this new introduction. Donkey Milk is a well known beauty ingredient, all the way back to the Ancient Eqyptians! (Think Cleopatra bathing in Ass milk). These sheet mask packs were a three stage process, unlike the usual simple sheet masks.
First you used the cleanser and washed off, then applied the ampoule and patted that into the skin. The sheet mask is then applied on top of this. I tried one of these in the morning and it was fab. The cleanser and ampoule did not have much scent, but there was a slight floral undertone to the sheet mask. What I really liked was that even though there was an ampoule the sheet mask was soaked in essence, though it was thinner than ones I've used in the past. After 20 minutes I took the mask of and my face was still dripping in essence, I patted it into my skin, neck and decolletage. 

Me wearing the mask, it was a pretty good fit.

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Starter
Beauteque Value: £6.46

This is a gel which is used to help open pores as well as eliminating buildup within them. It has no scent but does heat up once massaged into the skin. These gel alternatives are a good alternative for those who aren't a fan of the blackhead removal strips. I've not yet added this to my routine, I've still got my TonyMoly egg steam balmer to go through.

It's Skin Mini Bebe Mist
Beauteque Value: £7.10 
Korean Depart: £2.30 Korean Depart

This was one of the choices that we got to have this month. I chose peach and luckily got it! It also comes in a lime and apple scent. I love this mist, it really is cooling and has a nice sweet scent. The scent does not last long, after a couple of hours it had completely faded, but is a nice refreshing body mist. It also is moisturising so has that added benefit.

The Face Shop Eyelash Curler
Beauteque Value: £4.90

This was a welcome improvement from the lifestyle choice last month, read about it here (April Bag). It's never a bad thing to have another eyelash curler, and I always curl my lashes in the morning. This is a good curler, and pretty too I love the gold colour, for the price its effective and I'd recommend it to anyone who was looking for a budget curler. It also came with a replacement black rubber bar which was a nice touch.

Nature Republic By Flower Vivid Tint Bar
Beauteque Value: £5.16
Korean Depart: £2.60 Korean Depart
This really is a vivid pink as promised!
This was the second choice we had this month, and again I was lucky enough to get my first choice. Strawberry! 
It's spf15, moisturising and also tints my lips a pleasant vivid pink. The tint is longer lasting than expected, and has a subtle strawberry scent. I would prefer a stronger scent but the selling point is the tinting aspect and it's not sticky at all like some other balms. 

Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Essence
Beauteque Value: £10.97
Korean Depart: £5 Korean Depart

In the Korean beauty regime the essence comes after using a toner. This has a strong rose scent to me, but doesn't contain rose hip oil. It is filled with Vitamin C which is a great ingredient for brightening the skin tone. It also contains glycerin which is very moisturising. This comes in a pump bottle which is my preference as it's more hygienic in my opinion.

Mikatvonk Auto Eyeliner Pencil
Beauteque Value: £9.68

I got the white shade of this eyeliner, which was good as I don't have a white eyeliner yet, only purple and blacks. This has two sides, however I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between the sides, but I guess two is always nicer than one. The negative thing about this eyeliner was that it was quite difficult to put on. I had to press hard to get the colour to stick. Not a great thing when it comes to eyes as they are rather a delicate area of the face where you don't want to be trying to get a stubborn eyeliner to stick.. 

Altogether I loved this bag. The bag it came in itself (striped, and slightly cheap feeling), was not my favourite, but the contents certainly were. In particular the eyelash curler and sheet masks were a great inclusion. I would recommend it for anyone who wants an introduction into the world of kbeauty and wants a variety of items.

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