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[Rose Rose Haul] - Mega Haul from the Rose Rose Sale


[Rose Rose Haul] - Mega Haul from the Rose Rose Sale
Summer 2015

So Linh my fellow Kbeauty fan girl alerted me to the amazing sale that Rose Rose was having to celebrate their new website, and I inevitably crumbled to the temptation of doing a massive haul in the face of the low prices. I semi-justified this haul by saying it was for the health of my skin and would provide ample material for the blog. So here is the first haul post on Threebb! (probably not the last XD )

All the Masks :D

Rose Rose Haul
Bought – 27th July
Arrived – 13th August
Everything was wrapped carefully in bubble wrap as shown below:
Carefully Wrapped

The box, yakult for scale
The first view
Second layer

 Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick – TonyMoly

Cute packaging, check. Random engrish tag line, check. It must be TonyMoly!

Why I bought it:
So this had been on my wish list for a while, I had just never taken the plunge and actually gone and bought it. This is a gentle moisturiser for around the eye, and comes in the cutest packaging. It is now officially the cutest thing on my make up table. I’ve already tried it and it smoothly glides on my skin, without tugging the delicate eye skin (is there a proper name for this?) which could cause fine lines. It had a slight cooling sensation, which quickly faded. This is not going to revolutionise my life, but it’s a cute fun product.

 Wonder Pore Freshner – Etude House

“I’m the Wonder Woman or Your Pores. More Powerful!”

Why I bought it:
This was actually recommended to me by Linh as a good toner to add to my routine. I was running out of my Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner (review here), so thought I’d try this out. I got this in the 250ml size, Linh has a much larger bottle or two in her room. This promises 10 benefits in 1 bottle! From balancing the skin’s pH level to deep cleansing pores, and moisturising the skin. To be honest all I ask from a good toner is that its gentle and moisturises, and hopefully this fulfills those conditions!

 Snail Recovery Gel Cream – Mizon

Why I bought it:
This was bought as a back up. I really like the formula on this moisturiser, it’s light and not too sticky. Though when you initially put it on it can feel slightly sticky to the touch. But it’s perfect for days when its hot and humid outside and you don’t feel like adding layers to the face.

 Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk – Etude House
Jelly Jelly Jelly Beans!

Why I bought it:
I’ve just started looking into different lipsticks and this cute packaging caught my eye. Linh let me know that Etude House does decent lip sticks, and I love how it looks on my make up table.

Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner – Holika Holika
Pink, Sparkly and Waterproof. The holy trinity.

Why I bought it:
I wanted a light pink eyeliner for underlining my eyes. I’ve heard good things about Holika Holika so into the basket this went.

 Baby Choux Base Mint – Etude House
Mmmm choux cream

Why I bought it:
I needed a colour correction primer and this hit the mark. Green is good as a base as it helps to correct red tones on the skin, which is my no.1 concern currently. I read online that these also looked matte, which is a plus for me as I’d be wearing this for work and don’t want to look sparkly in the office. Hopefully lives up to the expectations.

GelPresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner - Clio

Why I bought it:

I have heard amazing things about Clio waterproof gel liners, so knew that I had to get this. I got this in brown for a more natural look.

The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner - Missha

Why I bought it:
Black liners are a staple in my make up routine, so it’s always good to have a lot on hand in case of misplacements/travel. 

Mini Lip Brush - Missha

Why I bought it:
I’ve just started experimenting with different lip make ups, from tints to the more traditional lip sticks. I needed some lip brushes and these looked like the perfect fit.

Clean It Zero - 100ml – Banila Co
Fan favourite right here

Why I bought it:
I’ve heard amazing things about this balm cleanser, and seeing as how I cleanse my face twice daily and it’s an important part of skincare I knew I had to try this. I like the simple packaging on this, and though I’d prefer a pump or tube applicator, given it’s a balm the pot is probably the most suitable.

Carbonated Bubbled Clay Mask - Elizavecca
Even pigs love masks

Why I bought it:
This is a clay mask targeting blackheads, and it’s suitable for all skin types. I admit 50% of why I wanted to get this was for the novelty factor of having a bubbly mask. But this also does have good reviews online, so I can’t wait to try this one out.

Facial Solution Powder Mist – It’s Skin

Why I bought it:
I needed a mist to set my make up as well as cool my skin. The bebe peach mist I got in a Beauteque bag (review here) has become a staple in my hand bag, but I wanted one specifically for my face. This promises to be moisturising and help set make up, we’ll see how it lives up to the promise!

Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk – Etude House
Jelly Jelly Jelly Beans!

Why I bought it:
I’ve just started looking into different lipsticks and this cute packaging caught my eye. Linh let me know that Etude House does decent lip sticks, and I love how it looks on my make up table.

Black Sugar Wash Off Mask Pack - Skinfood
Sugar time

Why I bought it:
I wanted an exfoliating mask, and this promises to be just that. I read the reviews for this online, and the majority were positive. I’ll have to judge it for myself but this looks to be an exciting addition to my night routine.


Animal Mask - Berrisom
Why I bought:
I’ve tried some of these masks before (review here), and I liked the effect they had on my skin. While they were not life changing they did brighten and moisturise my skin. This was a multi-pack of all 7 different types, and I wanted to try all the different key ingredients. I’m also a sucker for some novelty animal masks. They make for the perfect snapchat. 

Fresh Apple Mask – 3W Clinic

Why I bought:
This was super cheap, a few dollars for ten masks. Sheet masks are my favourite thing in Kbeauty, I like to wear one every other day if possible, and this pack of 10 helps enable that. I’ve also not tried apple before in a sheet mask, so wanted to try that out.

Collagen Piggy Mask Pack – Nextbeau

Why I bought:
This was also very cheap, $2.40 for a pack of ten. That combined with the cute packaging meant I had to add this to my basket. I’ve never tried the masks from the Nextbeau brand before, but I have tried collagen masks. While it isn’t possible for you to absorb collagen through the skin (the molecules are too big essentially) I’ve liked the effect collagen masks have had on me in the past.

Yoghurt Facial Mask – Skinfood

Why I bought:
My love of sheet masks really prevailed in this haul. I bought these because I wanted a set of yoghurt masks in my collection. Yoghurt is very gentle and moisturising, plus it has a great cooling effect. There is a reason why greek yohurt is put on sunburns!

Avocado, Argan, Jojoba Seed Hair Pack – Etude House

Why I bought:
I love my hair, but the air conditioning in the office is killing it :(  I bought these because I was intrigued to see if they would be effective and restore the life to my hair. I bought three different types, just to test them all out.

Baby Silky Foot Mask, Intensive Heel Patch – HolikaHolika & TonyMoly

Why I bought:
I’ve seen the gross yet fascinating photos on other blogs from using foot masks and knew I wanted to get a part of this action! I also got the heel patches because I’ve heard good things about it.

It’s Real Squeeze Strawberry – Innisfree

Why I bought:
This was to replenish my diminishing collection of Innisfree masks which I love. These ones have a great strawberry scent and left my skin feeling perky and bright. 

Cell Sheet Mask Green Tea – Pure Source

Why I bought:
I love green tea masks. One of my skin problems is redness, and green tea is great at calming this down. I’ve not tried a mask from Pure Source before, but I have high hopes.

Propolis & Bee Venom – Skinfood

Why I bought:
Bee venom is great for tightening the skin and I haven’t got one in my mask collection, so into the basket it went.

I’m Real! Broccoli Mask – TonyMoly

Why I bought:
I’ve heard good things about the ‘I’m Real!’ line, so knew I wanted to try at least one of the masks. I do like Broccoli (not as much as Linh), so thought why not put this on my face. Into the basket it went.

Snail Masks – Etude House, Benton

Why I bought:
Cos its snail.

Okay although that should suffice, its also because I wanted to try the Benton Snail Bee as well. I’ve heard mixed stories about Benton, from top HG status, to it’s the devil in mask form and wanted to form my own judgement. Etude House was to bolster my snail collection.

Sparkling Wine Mask – The Face Shop

Why I bought:
These are sheet masks, but in a more travel pack friendly form. I’ve not had a wine face mask before and wanted to try this. I think it was included in a Beauteque or Mask Genie subscription bag recently and I heard good things.

Todak Todak Pack – It’s Skin
Mini Capsule Pack – The Face Shop

Why I bought:
I wanted to try some masks which weren’t of the sheet variety, and these fit that description. Will be interesting to see if these are more effective than the sheet masks.

Sleeping Packs
Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack – Too Cool for School
Blending Sleeping Cream Green Tea – Etude House

Why I bought:
I wanted to add a sleeping pack to my collection, and these samplers were the perfect size and price to justify that. Look out for a sleeping pack review in the near future!

Phew and that's everything! Now I just need to try it all out.


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