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EOpenMarket - Lucky Box AKA Sample Heaven


EOpenMarket – Lucky Box!

One of my favourite things to do is to try new things. Whether it be the latest new staple ingredient, or some cute new hand cream I am addicted. Luckily for my wallet Asian Beauty brands are fantastic at providing samples of their products. And these are also great for overnight stays or trying to meet the stringent air codes.

Now one of the more difficult life decisions to make is what to invest in. And more importantly what skin care to invest in :P You can spend weeks on the internet reading all the reviews and still be none the wiser. And then I stumbled upon EOpenMarket and their Lucky Box. It promised more than 30 samples for $8.80. It was combining my love of surprise with my love of new things, I knew I had to get it!

So below is a peek of one of the two Lucky Boxes I received.

(Yes two, I couldn’t resist).

All the Samples

Buying Process
You can purchase your own lucky box here: EOpenMarket

I bought these on the 26th September, they shipped on the 30th September and they arrived on the 13thof October. I used the cheapest shipping that there was available, so was pretty pleased that they arrived in 3 weeks.

Lucky Box – Number 1!






Nature Republic

Milky Dress Premium x2


So that’s a whopping 58 samples from 8 different brands! I’m not too certain what all of them are, but that’s the beauty of it, I can discover new things which I’ve never even heard about!
The second package contained almost the exact same samples, just in different quantities. I have ordered this box in the past though and received a completely different set.

July Order:

Altogether I love the EOpenMarket Lucky Box. I think there is real value in the number of samples they send, the variety of brands and I just love being surprised J

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