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[Unboxing] Love Me Beauty - December 2015


Love Me Beauty – December Box Review 2015

Having gone cold Turkey on the subscription boxes for the last two months I caved in when I discovered “Love Me Beauty” and knew I had to try it out.
This box works rather differently from the boxes I’ve had in the past, in that you know exactly what you’re getting before it arrives! You get given 60 credits each month which you can spend in their online boutique.
So lets see what I chose this month!

First Look

Price: £10 plus £3.95 P&P
Sign up with code SOPHI472 to get free credits worth £21

You first fill out a survey which results in suggestions of which products from this month’s boutique you should try. These are only recommendations and you can do what I did and completely ignore them to choose your own products in the store.
There is a wide array of products in the store, ranging from skincare to accessories and make up!
Shipping is super fast, I picked out my products, purchased and had my box in 2 days time.
It arrives in a bag inside a box inside a bubble packed envelope so everything is kept well packed.
Going to repurpose the bag for flats

This months boutique included Nails Inc, Lord and Berry, MOA, Nuxe and Percy & Reed among others!
Most of the choices were 20 credits, so realistically you’re looking at getting 3 products per month. And sadly the box doesn’t include any other samples, which would have been a nice addition.
Below are the products that I chose to include starting with my favourite.

So pretty

Percy & Reed Foaming Treatment Mask
20 Credits
RRP £20
“This unique formulation provides a water resistant coating to the hair shaft for added protection from humidity and frizz. Enriched with strengthening ProVitamin B5 to help boost weakened strands and lengths, it leaves your hair feeling soft, nourished, stronger and healthier.”
Well I’ve already made the value of my box back with this one product! Although my hair isn’t the fine type that this product is marketed for, it does suffer from the dreadful winter frizz. I’ve read great reviews on the product so far, so cannot wait to try it out.
I also love the design on the bottle, its super chic. 


Lord & Berry 20100 Crayon Lipstick
20 Credits
RRP £10
“A super power-pigment pencil that delivers an intense shot of colour to your pout. This long-lasting ‘crayon lipstick’ uses extra pigments for an immense payoff.”
Winter is the time to bring out the dark shades for your lips so when I saw this plum colour on I knew I had to add this one to my basket! I love this Italian brand, it first popped up in one of my subscription boxes and since then I’ve been on the lookout to add more to my collection. The application is creamy and dries with a satin finish. You can use this product on its own or underneath lipstick for that extra impact.


Cailyn Just Mineral Eye Polish20 Credits
RRP £5-10
“Made with 100% raw mineral powder, this highly pigmented satiny powder colors your eyes with shimmery, gorgeous hues. Easy to use built-in sponge tip allows smooth application and seamless blending of colors. Whether you want to give a subtle wash of color or go for dramatic smoky makeup, Eye Polish does it all.”

I’ve never heard of the brand Cailyn before so thought this would be a good opportunity to try out something from their brand. I’ve seen it crop up in a few Ipsy bag reviews before. I was intrigued by the sponge application for this loose eye shadow, though I found it a bit awkward to use. I like the pigmentation of this product, it has a real shimmer to it which I love as well. I found this online from a price range of £5-£10 at various stores. If I could go back this is the one product that I would change. The value isn't there and the shape of the bottle means its hard to stack/store on my vanity.

Final Thoughts
This was a great first bag for me from Love Me Beauty. I felt I really got value from the bag and got a wide choice of items to pick from.
Two criticisms is the lack of 10 credit items and that there were no additions in the box, even a couple of foil packets or sweets would really perk the box up.

Love Sophie  xxx

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