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Asian Beauty Blog Party Announcement!

Drum roll please.

I am really excited to announce a project that’s been underway for a couple of months now, the Asian Beauty Blog Party!

I am very lucky to be working with 5 other excellent bloggers who I love to read and follow on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll recognise more than a few names in the party.

Who are we? Well you can get the key facts from our ID cards below which Laven designed for us.

First is Amy, who you’ll know from her adorable pics of her adorable fluff balls and Instagram challenges. Her post on Pomegranates (not related to Pomeranians) was enlightening and I learnt so much new information!
Here's Her Blog! Peeping Pomeranian

Next is Julie, also from the USA who creates the popular Instagram challenges with Amy! She also did my interview and is very friendly and knowledgeable. Her posts are always honest and in depth.
Here's Her Blog! PDX Beautiful

Now is the blogger who designed these great cards! Laven from Berries in the Snow. She’s one of the most prolific blog writers that I know, whose quality doesn’t falter!
Here's Her Blog! Berries in the Snow

Another prolific blogger and sheet mask selfie queen! It’s Michele of Beauty Finds For Me. If you want to know all about masks her mini Instagram reviews are on point.
Here's Her Blog! Beauty Finds for Me

5th is Dee! My fellow UK blogger and writer extraordinaire. You may already know her from famous posts such as how to haul responsible. Complete life saver for me.

Here's Her Blog! Adoredee

And then there’s me, who is very excited that these other great bloggers agreed to do this collaboration with me!
You're already on my blog! 

If you want to know more about all of us never fear, the first release next week will be in depth interviews!

You can read my interview with Laven, of Berries in the Snow, here on the blog next week. We had lots of fun so I hope you enjoy the read.
Julie will be releasing Amy's interview up on her blog as well :D

You can expect two a week in the next few weeks to be appearing on all our blogs!

We will also be collaborating on content posts, so you’ll get 6 opinions from bloggers all over the world with different skin types!

If you have any ideas for content posts that you’d love to read leave a comment.

Hope you're at least half as excited as I am about this collaboration!

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