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[Asian Beauty Blog Party] - Interview with Laven, Berries in the Snow Blogger

Hello Everyone!

And welcome to the first post in the Asian Beauty Blog Party series! The first part is all about getting to know us better, and we all got to flex our chat show host muscles and interview each other!

 I was able to interview Laven, author of the popular “Berries in the Snow”(link here) Blog. She was also the designer of our beautiful banner and ID cards, so a very talented creative artist as well as blogger!

Now onto the part I’m sure you’re here to read!

Hello! Could you introduce yourself to everyone?
I'm Laven, also known as Frl. Schnee from the Beauty Blog Berries in the Snow.
I'm a 31 years old biologist living in Germany.

So what inspired you to start up a Beauty Blog, especially one on Asian Beauty?
My first contact to the world of AB were BB creams. I had troubled skin and the thick foundations only made it worse. I decided to go for tinted moisturizers, but the tone didn't suit my skin tone and was usually too dark and yellowish.
 I came across BB creams in ~2010 and found that they adapt nicely to the skin’s tone. They also have multi-functional uses like sun-protection, anti-trouble, and anti-aging, and I became curious. I read all the reviews I could find about BB creams. It was mostly Missha or Lioele or Skin79 which were popular, and after reading some reviews I decided to try the Missha Perfect Cover BB.

Berries in the Snow was founded in March 2013. When I started my beauty blog back then I wanted to help people like me, who were searching for new products, especially Korean or Japanese. I had been trying a couple of products before I started my blog and I enjoyed reading the few reviews that existed, but mainly it was trial and error.

Have you ever had writers block?
It is hard to have a writer's block if you write mainly product reviews. Because they do not need a lot of creativity. You only need the time or motivation.
Sometimes I'm super motivated and I'm writing 5 reviews a week, but sometimes I'm not, and there are only 1 or 2 reviews.
I have many more post ideas I would love to share but since I'm also working, spending time with my family, better half, and friends it is hard to find the time to do everything that is on my mind...and I'm too unorganized to stick to a certain scheduling planner :D
Some of her many beautiful posts on Instagram

What are your skincare goals?
I want to keep my skin moisturized and happy, and of course I hope that the signs of aging will be kept at bay :'D

What ingredients do you look for to achieve these goals?
Usually I'm looking for Retinol or Retinol derivatives and other Vitamins for preventing signs of aging. For moisturizing I love oils!

If you could only pick three products to keep in your skincare routine what would they be and why?
1. Any Good Sunscreen - It is very important to protect your skin from UVA/UVB- otherwise you will promote aging and risk skin cancer and hyper-pigmentation.
2. Any Good Moisturizer - I have dry skin and my skin needs a good amount of moisture on top.
3. Any Good Cleanser - One which removes makeup and is gentle to the skin.

All good routines require preparation! Cat preparation :D

Which product do you use when you want to spoil your skin?
Masks, Packs, Ampules.
I do not have any specific recommendations though, since I usually use what I've got at home. But I love products containing honey or fermentation extracts, or anything with roses!!!

What is your favourite mask that you use to treat yourself?
My favorite sheet mask atm is the 3CE Water Wrapping Facial Mask. My favourite Wash-Off mask is the “I'm from Honey” Pack

What’s your funniest AB related moment?
My funniest moments are always sheet masks, especially if people do not know about sheet masks and you suddenly come out of nowhere wearing a scary mask...
The horrified faces of the people are my funniest AB moments :D

Thank you Laven for taking the time to answer my questions!
I hope you all enjoyed learning more about what inspires Laven to blog and her own thoughts on skincare.

This week Amy also interviewed fellow PDX blogger Julie!
Which you can read here: Julie's Interview

 Next week you can expect to read Michele’s interview with Laven and Amy’s interview with Dee!


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