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London Beauty Meet Up!


Hello UK Beauty Lovers.
I have an exciting announcement for you.
I love chatting about Beauty on the Blog, on Instagram, Forums and in person. Essentially anywhere I can. But my flatmate has suffered enough from my gushing praise of skincare routines and products. So thought it would be great to meet like-minded people and learn something new!
Lets add to our hoards ;)
So I’m organising a meet up in London.
Below are the details

·         Date: April 9th Saturday at 12:30

·         Place: China town for dim sum lunch, followed by Bubbletea and a shopping trip! (Leicester Square is the nearest tube station)

·         Other Details:
Thought it would be fun for us to exchange "Mystery Goody Bags" with samples and sheetmasks. Like a Secret Santa :)
Minimum mystery items to be included - 2 sheet masks and 5 samples.

·         Where do I sign up?
Google Docs Just put a Y or a N in the columns you're interested in!
There's also a sheet for de-stashing. So you can list any products you want to sell, the condition, price and others can comment if they want to reserve.
And by request a sheet for requests! So if you have something you'd like to request fill out the sheet :)
Some of the yummy things to eat!

Can't wait to meet you all in real life and chat about AB :) Closer to the time I'll share my number and we can get a whatsapp group for the day, so no one gets lost.

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