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[Unboxing] - Bits and Bobs - Mystery Mask Bag February 2016 Review

Anyone who follows my Instagram knows that I love sheet masks. I’m firmly in the one a day club and do see a difference in my skin. They’re the perfect one shot hydration before special occasions as well, for those who are less tempted to mask every night.
As such I’m always on the lookout for new brands to try out and experiment with. That’s the whole point of sheetmasks for me, they give me the option to cater for my skin’s needs on that day. Be that more hydration, blemish control or soothing after using actives.
Fortunately there are multiple sheetmask mystery pouches out there that I can purchase which cater to my love of surprises and masks. I’ve already reviewed two in an in-depth comparison (read Mask Genie v Mask Maven here). Now there’s a European one on the scene! The Bits and Bobs of Beauty Mystery BB Mask Bag.
Read on to hear my thoughts on their second edition. 

“We will send you out 10-12 selected Asian sheet masks from eyes, face, hands and foot (you name it).
(Contents may vary)
This set is ideal as a gift set or even a night in pamper treat for yourself and friends.”
No. of Masks: 10
Cost: £16.99
Purchase here: Bits and Bobs of Beauty
These arrived in a gauze bag within a padded envelope. They had problems with shipping so we received this in early March instead of April.
I love that they included a “how to use a sheet mask” guide, and an info card. Though a couple of details on the info card were incorrect.
On first glance I could see a nice variety of masks for targeted areas too.
Sexy Look Black Cotton Sheet Masks x2

First is a Taiwanese brand which I hadn’t seen before, Sexy Look.
There was a possibility of three different types, and I got whitening and moisturising.
These are black cotton masks, which means you can look more ghoulish than normal when wearing!
The reason they’re black is because they’re infused with charcoal which is good for purifying. These are softer than your usual mask as well. I found the one I tried hydrating, there was a light floral scent to it which wasn’t over powering. I prefer my masks to be dripping in essence, but there was enough here for a decent 20-30 minutes.

Purchase Here:
Moisturising £6.90 for 5, YesStyle
Whitening £5.87 for 5, YesStyle

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Sheetmask

Next up is another Taiwanese brand and fan favourite, My Beauty Diary, I’ve tried the My Beauty Diary mask and loved it! It smells exactly like strawberry yogurt, was dripping in essence and my face felt hydrated and smooth.
I’ve yet to try the eye mask from Skinfood, but am glad they included a targeted mask here!  Skinfood is a pretty well known popular Korean brand, I love their sugar scrubs.
Purchase Here:
£10.90 for 10, YesStyle

Skinfood Pomegranate Collagen Eye Mask

I’ve yet to try the eye mask from Skinfood, but am glad they included a targeted mask here!  Skinfood is a pretty well known popular Korean brand, I love their sugar scrubs. This has pomegranate in which is good for brightening and contains anti-oxidants.
Purchase Here:
for 2, Jolse
TonyMoly Pure Farm Pig Collagen Hydrogel Mask

Another well-known Korean brand, famous for their cute packaging and this doesn’t fail to delight.
It’s the Tony Moly Collagen Hydrogel. And it’s giant!
I love hydrogels, they’re usually more expensive than your normal sheetmask, but they feel nicer on my skin! Collagen is what makes your skin firm, there’s still debate on if collagen in topical treatments is beneficial, but I am looking forward to trying out this mask.
Purchase Here:
Korea Depart

TonyMoly Pore Nose Pack

The second mask from TonyMoly is the Egg Pore Strip. I don’t like using these, as they can damage your pores and actually make them larger with over-use. I was also disappointed to see this as one of the masks, I can get these for free as samples from other stores when I haul.
Purchase Here:
$3.99 for 7, Amazon
TonyMoly Lovely Peach Hand Mask

Sad to see a third mask from TonyMoly. I like the brand but I want more variety in my sheet mask mystery bags. 
This is said to be hydrating and I like that it’s for my hands! Now more of my body can try AB.

Purchase Here:
£3.50 Bits and Bobs
Urban Doll Kiss Welcome To…

I’ve seen these floating around my Instagram feed and have been itching to try them, if just for the novelty, so was pleased to see it in the bag! The US Dollar is a moisturising mask, while the Chinese RMB contains Hyaluronic acid, which is also great for moisturising. I’ve seen mixed reviews for these online, so will be interesting to see how they work out for me.
Purchase Here:
$1.90, Beauteque

It’s Skin – The Fresh Mask Sheet Blueberry

The last mask in this bag is from another well known Korean brand, It’s Skin. I really like fruit based masks and this is another good one! Blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants and I can’t wait to get my face on this mask.
Purchase Here:
$1.99, Beauteque

Altogether this was an okay bag. I was disappointed to see so many repeats of brands, Three of TonyMoly, Two Urban Doll Kiss, Two Sexy Look.
They were different types of mask though which was really nice to see and with different star ingredients. I think it’s a good bag for those just getting into the masking scene, but I hope they branch out with more brands in the future!

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