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[ABBP] - My Beauty Travel Kit


 Asian Beauty – Travel Kit

The Asian Beauty Blog Party continues and this week it’s “Travel Essentials!” If we were all in the same city or even timezone we definitely would have had a big Asian Beauty Sleepover and these would be the products I’d bring overnight.
When you have 3 boxes worth of skincare products to choose from, travelling becomes a bit of a Sophie’s Choice. (I will not apologise for the wonderful pun).
On a pampering day I might use up to ten products, which just isn’t practical when you’re packing an overnight bag. Even I wouldn’t sacrifice clothes for skincare products.
So here are the products which have made the exclusive travelling approved list! This is mainly for short overnight/weekend stays. If I have the luxury of a suitcase more products sneak their way in.

First thing to mention is that I pare down my routine to the bare bones. As I wear suncream and make up daily it’s important to me that I always double cleanse. Moisturiser is a must, especially overnight and I’ve got my trusty suncream for the day ahead. Fortunately there’s enough room leftover for a serum pick and of course the beloved sheetmasks!
Read my Asian Beauty Skincare Guide to find out all about the different steps and products! Asian Beauty Skincare Guide
DHC Cleansing Oil, SU;M37 Miracle Rose Stick

The fan favourite Su:M37 Miracle Rose Stick is my foam cleanser of choice when travelling. The stick packaging makes it easy to travel with and I don’t have to worry about leakage. I also love the rose scent and it’s got a low pH.
My oil cleanser is the staple DHC Cleansing Oil. I picked up a travel size version when I was in Japan specifically for my travel bag! I love this cleanser, a full review is really overdue. It’s olive-oil based, but doesn’t give my skin that oil slick feel. I’ve found it helps remove even the most stubborn eyeliner/mascara. Plus look at that packaging, it fulfils the cute niche in my travel routine.
LJH Tea Tree Essence

Now this is a tough choice. I’ve got a few favourite serums, and a few different concerns they all target. I went with the LJH Tea Tree essence because it’s lightweight, hydrating and helps combat redness/acne. The packaging as well is small so it fits well into the bag. There’s no strong scent to the product which is a bonus, as a lot of tea tree products can overwhelm.
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

As space is a premium I needed to pick a moisturiser which I could use in the day as well as night. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel fills that niche. It’s lightweight, affordable and comes in a travel-friendly size tube. This is one of my favourite moisturisers for all those reasons. I have oily skin so don’t need a heavy duty moisturiser, and I love the price-point. I can easily afford having one moisturiser to live in the travel bag and one on my vanity table, as well as a back up!
Biore Aqua Rich Suncream

Suncream is one of the most important skincare products. The sun is highly damaging to your skin, even if you can’t see it. I always ensure I have one of these packed in my bag. For once the small bottles of suncream that Biore do come in handy! Usually I bemoan their small size, wishing for something larger. But for travel purposes it’s ideal. Biore do a range of different types of suncream. I’m trying out the Aqua Rich Watery Essence line currently and like what I feel so far
Sheet Masks

I always try to pack a couple of sheet masks into my bag as well! This allows me to customise for how my skin is feeling that week. If it needs an extra hydrating boost, soothing or even if my skin is on the rampage and breaking out D:
So these are what I deem my essentials for travelling. I’ll also look through my sample stash to see if there are any extras I can add. E.g. when I had my CosRX BHA samples I would bring those along!

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