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[Giveaway] - Spread the Happiness!


Hello Readers!

Hope you haven’t missed me. Sadly a couple of weeks ago I was rushed to hospital. My pesky appendix had decided that now was the right time to cause damage and inflict me with pain. Fortunately the good doctors were able to take it out before real damage happened.
In celebration of my eventual recuperation I’ve decided to run 2 giveaways!

Read on to find out the details.

Kawaii Box

This first mini box is Instagram based! You can check out my Instagram account @Mapletreeblog for the details.
It includes my all time favourite DHC Cleansing Oil in the cute Disney Princess packaging which is now discontinued.
There’s also a mini Ladykin snail, of course any Asian Beauty Kawaii box had to include snail!
A TonyMoly Bunny Lipgloss and Etude House Fairy Penguin.

May Happiness Box

This is the blog based giveaway with one of my favourite pieces of K-Beauty Literature from SkinandTonics and The Beauty Wolf!
This is a great book for beginners as well as those more experienced in the world of Asian Beauty. It includes routines from many different bloggers as well as an ingredient glossary.
You’ll not only get all this wonderful book but also all the wonderful products below.

May Happiness Giveaway

Good luck everyone and winners will be announced next week!

Love Sophie

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