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[Unboxing] Birchbox - May 2016

My May Birchbox has arrived and I’m loving the new box design! This month two lucky subscribers also won a dream holiday. Sadly I wasn’t one of those, but I did like the contents of my box!
One of the additional things Birchbox offers is points for reviewing the samples you receive. You get 5-8 points per review, and each point is worth roughly 10p. Seeing as how you get at least 5 samples each month, in two month’s you’ll have about 50 points (£5) to spend in their store!

Cost: £10 + £2.96 p+p, so approx. £13 a box.

Sign up via my link to get 50 Birchbox points (worth £5)

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Birchbox UK May Review

Now lets have a look at what I got in my box.

Spectrum Collections - Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge – RRP £4.99

This is the second spectrum product I’ve received from Birchbox and just like the first I’m happy to see it. Tools are something I can never have too many of, and beauty blenders are one of my new found make up loves. It helps to smooth out my foundation application for that photoshop finish. Seeing as how I throw out my sponges after 3-4 months this is a welcome back up. Plus it has unicorns on the package, who wouldn’t love that!

theBalm Cosmetics – Stainiac in Beauty Queen – RRP £10

This is a watery based formula, raspberry tinted stain for your cheeks and lips. Now I’ve never really used stains on my cheeks, as I prefer powder/stick blushes, but I do like them on my lips! This feels like a gel when you apply and there’s not a strong pigmentation so you don’t end up with clown lips. For those who prefer a brighter tint you’ll have to reapply.

Philip Kingsley – PK Prep Polishing Balm – RRP £18.50

Yes a hair product! I have so many skincare products, in an ever growing collection, so it’s great to receive something for my hair. This is perfect for the summer as well, for post swimming. My hair always feels a little fragile after I’ve been for a swim, and this balm-to-serum formula promises to smooth frazzled hair. It also contains ProVitamins B5 and Vitamin A for nourishment. You apply this post shower on towel dried hair, and you only need a pea sized amount. Which with the size of this sample means it’ll last me a good few uses.

Vita Coco – Coconut Oil – RRP £9.99
The second hair product in my box, and it’s one I’ve wanted to try! I’ve heard great things about coconut oil so am pleased I get to try it out. Shame about the sample size, but this is a bonus item, so I’m not counting it as part of the box.

Caudalie – Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet – RRP £23
Caudalie Sorbet

Caudalie is a frequent guest in a lot of the UK based subscription boxes, and is a decent brand. It’s a lightweight and has a floral scent, with a smooth texture. This is meant to help with reducing redness and soothing skin. But seeing as how I already have a plethora of products, and a waiting list to join my routine, I’m going to be using this on my elbows and knees which need the extra moisture.

Rituals – Tao Wai Wang Mild Exfoliating Body Scrub - £19.50
Rituals Tao Wai Wang Review

And we finish with the largest sample in the box! The full size version has 325ml and this one has a lovely 70ml. This really is a gentle moisturiser, with sugar sized scrubbing particles, which are actually Chinese bamboo particles! You massage this onto damp skin and massage gently. If you’ve ever smelt lotus scented hand creams this is a similar scent. For those who don’t like that clean scent this product isn’t for you.
Perfect for getting my skin smooth for the beach!

Birchbox UK May

Altogether this was a better box than my February box (Unboxing Here), for the variety! Tool, Hair Product, Body Product, Make Up and Skincare <3
I really think that this is a great box for those looking to try out new products. With a low price point and you get the value back with the box.

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